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Our apologies for the way this ordering stuff works now...we've depleted our supply of Self-Titled albums, so you'll be ordering those directly from our label, Double Crown Records. If you also order a shirt or a patch or whatever, we'll be the ones shipping it to you, so you might be paying for your items from two different places but trust me, it's worth it.

The Nebulas - Self-Titled [CD]   $12.75 (shipping extra)
Our third full-length release. Analog. More raw production. Grittier. Heavier. Unmastered. Rudy during his "angry" years. We call these "The Laramie Sessions"

Order here from Double Crown Records!

The Nebulas - It's GO! Time... [CD]   $14.00 (includes shipping)
This is our second full-length album, released in January 2004. If you liked "Nebula One", our first full length, you're going to freak when you hear this Bad Larry. Get yours HERE and NOW!

-Dano Ware, The Nebulas

"Double Overhead" The KFJC live show compilation
The Nebulas perform "Olde Cape Cod" on this one, recorded during our Cali Tour 2002. Here's what Phil Dirt has to say about it;

   "This year's KFJC Surf fundraising CD is called Double Overhead, a title borrowed from Bernard Yin. 21 bands share the spotlight on disc one, and King Of Hawaii play 12 killers on disc two. This is the best yet, in my humble opinion."

-Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

Locos Instrumentales Around the World
"The Nebulas' first appearance on an international compilation (this one being from Mexico) along with muchos surf banditos from all over the globe including The Bitch Boys, Fifty Foot Combo, The Urban Surf Kings, The Coffin Daggers, The Metalunas, The Chewbaccas, Lost Alcapulco, Surf Report, The Anacondas and more. The Nebulas perform "Mandalore"

Isotonic Records

Supertones Surf / Modern Surf Band Spotlight
"15 bands from around the world provide their take on their favorite Supertones compositions as well as showcase some of their best original numbers. Other bands include The Bitch Boys, The Diamondheads, The Cocktail Preachers, The Metalunas and many more. The Nebulas perform "Torque Wrench" and our own "T-16"

Golly Gee Records

The Nebulas "Live at The Pit - KFJC"
"This is the first in the live-at-KFJC series from Double Crown. Twelve great tracks from the Nebulas, who made a Pitstop on October 5, 2002."

Picks: Da Cat, Mandalore, Torque Wrench, Vendetta, Morpheus, The Godfather, Bristol Express, Cecilia Ann, Journey To The Stars / High Tide / Third Star From The Left, Tuco's Lament, Rhino Chaser, Nebula One

Click here to order from Double Crown Records

The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor
The band can be heard on the brand new Halloween compilation, The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor on Headless Spectre Records, also available NOW!

Click here to order from Headless Spectre Records

The Nebulas Black T-Shirts   $17.00 (shipping included)
We've got the official The Nebulas Aktion Shirts here!
We've got em in:

-Solid black w/ white logos available in Medium only right now.

-Solid red w/ black logos available in medium and large.

-Girly Tees in Red and Black. C'mon guys, have some sack! Go for it!


The Official The Nebulas Aktion Patch - $6.00 (shipping included)

Pretty self-explanatory. Be it on your pillowcase or something...

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